A Deck Builder Shares What They Advise You Look For When Needing to Hire One


When deciding to install a new deck on to the exterior of your home, you must also put some thought into who is going to be doing all the work. This choice is just as important as what color stain you choose or what design you decide to go with. The contractor you want to build your deck can either make or break your entire wood deck. At Prime Wood Decking, our professionals are here to inform you of what you should look into to make the best choice. We are professionals in wood deck installation. Our Miami deck builders have the expertise you are looking for.


Let Miami Deck Builders Handle All The Work

After being in the deck building business, we have encountered quite a few situations where DIY’s ended badly. We have seen it all. In most of these cases, instead of saving the homeowner m funds, it actually cost twice as much as it would’ve if they just hired a professional in the first place. All costly errors add up fast.


You may say that there are plenty of decks built by homeowners that have been built well, and that may be true, but what are you getting yourself into when you take on a deck building project?

Here are a few areas to consider before you decide to “do it yourself:”

  • The deck design: Are you hoping for a dream deck that flows into the landscape, or a square big-box special?
  • Building to code: Plans and permits are needed, and there are several construction codes to follow regarding the soil you’re working on, load bearing, frost code depth, safety codes, etc.
  • Materials: What is the best choice for my new deck? What should I base my decision on? What accessories are available?

Leave it to the professionals who build decks as a living. Decking is our trade.


Questions You Should Ask With Wood Deck Installation

When hiring a deck builder, asking the right questions is the best way to make an informed decision and set your mind at ease. Here are five questions to ask potential contractors that will help pave the way for a smooth project.

  • Are you licensed and insured?
    • If your potential builder can’t produce a license and insurance paperwork, run and don’t look back. In the event of an accident or other problems, you’ll want to have peace of mind that your builder – and all subcontractors – are covered in the state in which you build.


  • Will you handle the permit process?
    • Your deck project will most likely require a permit from your local building department and if you belong to one, permission your local homeowner’s association. If you elect to skip this part of the process, you could face a fine and possibly run into problems when you try to sell your home. If your builder doesn’t handle the permitting, then take care of this step yourself.


  • Can you share references?
    • Never hire a professional without first speaking with past clients. An experienced and competent deck builder will be more than happy to provide a list of references and examples of previous builds. Be sure to ask former clients if they would re-hire the builder.


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