5 Signs That You Should Replace Your Deck

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Your deck has been through a lot. Living in Miami it really did your home justice. It survived very powerful storms, high winds, and even a couple of hurricanes. Although it put up a good fight, it is time for it to retire. At Prime Wood Decking, our professionals are here to help you when it comes to deck replacements. We are the best choice when it comes to choosing a wood deck contractor. We offer the best wood decks Miami can count on.


Signs to Replace Your Deck

Keep an eye out for the following signs. They can help determine if you are due for a deck replacement.

  • Your deck is older than regulations.
    • This is an easy one to keep track of. When was your deck installed? In New Jersey and Pennsylvania, a deck must measure 30’’ above grade level and is required to have guards around the perimeter with balusters of 4’’ or less. If your deck is in violation of the building code, then you need an update. At Harmony Decking, we can help you with this project, and make sure all of the safety codes are met.


  • Accidents are occurring.
    • If you have loose nails or screws on your deck, you may have had someone cut themselves, rip a piece of clothing, or get a nasty splinter. Protruding fixtures are a definite sign that your deck needs some work done. Don’t wait for an accident to happen — prevent them by replacing or repairing your deck!


  • Stains and blemishes.
    • Stains are one of the most common issues people have with wooden decking. Not only do blemishes interfere with the aesthetic beauty of a deck; if they are not properly removed, they could eat through the protective sealant. This can result in peeling, moisture exposure, and rotting.


  • Broken boards.
    • Natural wear and tear and weather conditions can easily damage the wooden boards that make up your deck, which will require some replacement work. Whether it’s small splits in the wood caused by pressure, or completely broken boards altogether, you’re going to want to replace the boards as soon as possible to prevent injuries.


  • Dry rot.
    • Dry rot, due to a moisture source, can cause an alarming amount of structural damage to your decking if left untreated. To check for signs of dry rot, look out for fungal growth, shrinking boards, dark stains, and a musty odor.


We Offer The Best Wood Deck Contractor

With over 40 years in business, we have accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge. We have seen our hardwoods installed in all types of climates and areas, which means we are able to advise and troubleshoot any challenges our customers may face.  We can help select the proper hardwood and installation hardware for all types of decking projects.


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We have just what you need when it comes to a wood deck contractor! Prime Wood Decking specializes in the production and distribution of beautiful tropical hardwoods used in outdoor applications as well as the distribution of composite decking and specialized hardware and oils. We have everything needed for building or refinishing decks, docks, boardwalks, fences, cladding, and siding. We carry a variety of hardwoods in stock including ipe, cumaru, and massaranduba, and can fill special orders upon request. Call us today for information about our wood decks Miami depends on. We will offer you a free quote!

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