Reasons Behind The Unique Color Variations in IPE Decking


When you make the perfect decision to add the addition of IPE decking to your home, there are a lot of details you must overlook. A thing you must consider is what color variation you would choose. What color would add to compliment your home? At Prime Wood Decking, we have IPE wood for sale that you need. We are the best choice in Miami.


What Color Matches?

Dealing with colors can be quite tricky. More specifically, matching the color of different boards of the same species can get very difficult. Remember, wood is an organic product. In today’s engineered product world, it is important to realize that wood is unique.


It is not poured, extruded, dyed, infused, or crackle painted. Every piece you get is different. Sure, it has a general appearance from one species to the next, and I can look at a board and tell you it is Cherry, Teak, Utile or Ipe.


But amongst an entire pile of any of those species, you will find differences in color and grain as well as imperfections that make each board unique. Sometimes you will even find an odd board that you can’t identify — ever seen green colored Ipe, or green colored Walnut? I have, though I didn’t know that’s what they were at first.


Coloring Our  IPE Wood For Sale

This is probably the most significant factor behind color variation. You will find boards that came from the same tree exhibiting different colors, because of how that board was cut and where it was located in the tree. It is organic.


In some cases, you can look at 2 boards of the same species and be convinced that they are different because the grain has altered the color so much. What it really comes down to is density. A different cross-section of the log will be more or less dense, and therefore, it will reflect light differently which will change its color completely.


In a perfect world, trees would be perfectly straight grained, and all the fibers would be parallel. Of course, then we would have lumber that looks like plastic, so I’m glad this isn’t a perfect world. The reality is that you will find all kinds of density variations as the grain flows over and around knots or shifts to stabilize the tree against wind or gravity.


Faster or slower growth periods will spread the rings apart or group them closer together, and often both will occur in the same tree as the climate varies from year to year. Figured grain caused by any number of factors will add curves in the grain, exposing end grain on the face to give us incredible curly and quilted effects. In these figured situations, just shifting your perspective from one side of the board to another will change the look completely.


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