Why Building Decks With IPE Wood Costs More (but is Worth It)

IPE Decking cost in Miami

It is no secret that some decking materials cost more than others and the IPE decking cost is on the higher end of the spectrum, but it is worth every penny! When you are building a deck, you want to make sure that you are using the best materials on the market that way you won’t find yourself needing to repair or replace anything in the next few years. That is why it is time to consider IPE wood Miami! Prime Wood Decking in Miami can help you understand why this wood is more expensive than others and why it is worth the extra cost. Keep reading to find out more!


How Much Does IPE Decking Cost?

When it comes to choosing a material for a deck, everyone has their own opinions about what will look the best and what material is worth the price. Over the years many people have been opposed to using IPE wood because of a number of different concerns about it. However, this material is one of the most exquisite that you can choose from. It’s time to learn why you should be considering IPE wood Miami for your next project!


One common objection to IPE wood is that it is extremely hard to cut. That is because this wood is a high-density tropical wood, which is why builders and construction workers use a carbide saw blade to cut through it. These blades give a clean and exact line when they are cutting, and it is also done quickly. The fact that this material is so hard should be considered a good thing, not a negative one because it ensures that the wood and your deck will last longer. Also, because of how hard IPE wood is it is scratch resistant, which is perfect for an outside deck that sees a lot of foot action. The wood is so hard and dense that water can barely seep through, which is another positive aspect of using this material since it’s always outside you want to be sure that it can withstand any conditions. Another concern that a lot of people have with IPE wood is that they think it needs to be pre-drilled before it can be installed, but this isn’t always true. Of course, pre-drilling is an installation option; it is not the only one. There are other methods for installing IPE wood that doesn’t involve pre-drilling. Thanks to advancements in technology IPE deck screws have been created and designed to self-drill as the deck boards are being installed. All natural materials, especially natural wood, change color over time and IPE hardwood is no different. These boards will naturally turn a gray color as the years go by. As the decking oxidizes, the wood will turn a silver-gray color, but there is no damage done to the integrity of the IPE wood. The boards will remain as tough and hard as they were the day they got installed. 


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