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In general, wood traps dirt, pollen, and grime. This is why when you are building with exotic hardwood lumber, it’s crucial to take care of it. Eliminating mildew, dirt, mold, and stubborn stains is the primary job of a good hardwood cleanser such as DeckWise Wood Cleaner Parts 1 and 2. The cleansers also help to get rid of graying in order to maintain the color of Ipe, Tigerwood, Cumaru, Redwood, and Cedar decking and outdoor wooden furniture as well as hardwood siding. With the DeckWise Wood Cleaners we at Prime Wood Decking offer and recommend, you will be able to remove the grey from your IPE wood decking and get the all-natural, lavish colors of hardwood back. Every container of DeckWise Wood Cleaner is able to clean up to 600 square feet of hardwood surface, and makes up to 5 gallons of cleaning solution. The concentrated powders of this deck cleaner is specifically formulated to target external hardwood decks, fences, hardwood siding, wood railings, benches, chairs, and other wooden furniture that is placed outside. For jobs that are tougher or dirtier, you may need to clean several times or require a more powerful blend. Read on to learn more about these must-have wood deck cleaners for your deck! Contact Prime Wood Decking in Miami for more information about your next decking project.


What The Cleaners Do


When scrubbing your deck with the DeckWise Wood Cleaner Part 1, you need to avoid using a power washing on the hardwood lumber, as it could leave scars and often raises the wood grain. Make sure to scrub with a non-metal brush, as wood cleansers often increase the pH level of lumber. After using DeckWise Wood Cleaner part 1, make sure to use part 2 in order to restore the pH level back to a natural state, as the Cleaner Part 1 consists of an oxygen-rich wood cleaner that holds no bleach. When observing the instructions on the Deck and Wood Cleaner label, the product is very safe to use and will not have an impact on your wood, vegetation or lawn, and is also biodegradable. Moreover, the screw-top container provides easy opening and resealing. The DeckWise Wood Cleaner Part 1 is suited to clean wood, exotic hardwoods, and thermally modified softwoods such as decks, fences, hardwood siding, wood railings, benches, chairs, and can be the right cleaner for your IPE Wood Decking!


Top Deck Cleaner For Your Hardwood


After using the Deck and Wood Cleaner Part 1 it is essential to keep in mind that it is a cleaning agent that gets rid of dust and dirt from the surface of the wood. Part 2 of the cleaner set gets rid of tough rust or tannin stains caused by leaves, as well as of mold and fungi stains, and brightens the hardwood for further finishing. This cleaner is the recommended cleaner for use on the majority of hardwood decking, including Redwood, Ipe, Cedar, Cumaru, Tigerwood, and thermally modified softwoods. The all-natural allure will be restored to your outdoor wood decking and more.


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The 2-part DeckWise Wood Cleaner set is the deck cleaner that you should be using on your IPE wood decking. For your hardwood decking needs, contact Prime Wood Decking in Miami today !

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