Maintaining an IPE Wood Deck: Give your Deck Some Love!

ipe wood maintenance in Miami

If your IPE deck is beginning to show the signs of wear, it’s probably time to put in the bit of maintenance needed to keep it looking fresh and new. In truth, having an IPE deck is something that requires a bit of work once in a while to keep that clean look, but the benefit speaks for itself. If your deck is in need of IPE wood maintenance, then it’s time to call Prime Wood Decking. We are a decking business that specializes in prime IPE Wood Miami. We can provide you with the tools needed to maintain your quality IPE deck, and we’ll also teach you the basics needed to keep it maintained regularly. This will help keep your deck maintenance as simple and easy as can be.


The ABCs of IPE Deck Maintenance

The first thing to note about maintaining your IPE deck is to clean and care for it regularly. Just like mowing your lawn or cleaning the house, maintaining your deck is something that’s easy when you do it on a routine basis, and difficult if you let it get bad. Here’s what you should be doing regularly:

  • Relocate your outdoor furniture off the deck
    • Getting everything off the deck is an important first step. Just cleaning around your patio furniture won’t properly clean the deck underneath. This also includes a grill, if you have one.
  • Sweep the deck weekly
    • Use an outdoor broom to sweep off surface debris sitting on your deck like leaves and pinecones. Too much debris can cause staining or water damage.
  • Check for proper drainage and ventilation monthly
    • It’s important to make sure there’s no excess water buildup under the deck, so checking for this is essential. If you are noticing a buildup, you’ll want to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
  • Scrape out excess debris between boards
    • Examine the crevices between the IPE boards. You can use a scraper or putty knife to dig up any buildup of debris that’s collecting anywhere.
  • Vacuum to collect the excess debris
    • If you did notice debris between the boards, and got it out, consider vacuuming it up with a shop-vac rather than sweeping. This will help suck up any loose bits still trapped in the board crevices.
  • Rinse off the deck
    • Lastly, after any cleaning you’ve done, give your deck a quick rinse from your garden hose. If your dealing with algae or pollen, try first creating a solution 1 quart of bleach with 1 gallon of warm water. Scrub the solution into the boards before rinsing it off.


Annual IPE Wood Maintenance

Keeping up with your routine chores will help keep your deck looking perfect throughout the year, but there are still a few more things you’ll want to do on an annual basis. Firstly, you’ll need to apply sealer every year, and you’ll want to plan around doing so during low moisture parts of the year. Be prepared in advance with knowing what you need to do and avoiding bad weather to make the job as seamless as possible. Remember that you want an oil-based product made for natural hardwood like teak or coconut oil. If your deck also needs sanding, use an orbital sander with 50 grit disks and go with the grain.


Locate IPE Wood Maintenance If You’re Looking to Install an IPE Deck

If you don’t already have an IPE wood deck, then now’s a great time. IPE decks are a fantastic way to create a comfortable, outdoor entertaining space, or just to relax and enjoy that Miami weather. Keeping up with your routine maintenance will make the job simple and easy while also increasing the value of your home. Contact us today at Prime Wood Decking for all your IPE wood Miami needs.

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