Durable Ipe Decking & Color Options For Everyone’s Taste

ipe wood color in Miami

When it comes to wood decking, color is one of the most essential variables to look out for. While the design is very important, imagine having the perfect deck covered in the completely wrong color. It would be a disaster. Luckily, here at Prime Wood Decking, we specialize in Ipe wood color. This is sure to provide the best results in your wood decking. Our team is here to make sure you get the best looking Ipe decking in Miami. 


Color Can Get Complicated

Color is a sticky subject for lumber dealers. More specifically, matching the color of different boards of the same species. Wood is an organic product. Maybe that goes without saying, but in today’s engineered product world, it is important to realize that wood is unique. 


It isn’t poured or extruded or dyed or infused or crackle painted (at least I hope not). Every piece you get is different. Sure, it has a general appearance from one species to the next, and I can look at a board and tell you it is Cherry, Teak, Utile or Ipe. 


But amongst an entire pile of any of those species, you will find differences in color and grain as well as imperfections that make each board unique. Sometimes you will even find an odd board that you can’t identify. This is why Ipe wood is the best choice and looks the best!


Ipe Wood Color is the Best Option

Ipe and Cumaru grow across a very large geographic region. You will find different climates and soil chemistry from one side of Brazil to the other that will affect the color of the board. 


Most of this is based on the board’s density, but you will also find some regions producing more mineral streaking, or in some instances, temporary soil chemistry changes due to flooding or fire. 


You will find dark streaks and sometimes stark color changes on either side of a weather event. It comes in a broad range of colors such as reddish-brown, tan, olive, and dark brown.


Ipe wood structures are hard, strong, and naturally resistant to rot, abrasion, weather, and insects. It is almost twice as dense as most woods and up to five times harder. It is medium to darker brown in color, like mahogany, so not only lasts a long time but has the beauty of a fine interior wood. Check our website to get an idea at how great this wood would look for your home. 


Call Us For Ipe Decking

Prime Wood Decking specializes in the production and distribution of fine tropical hardwoods used in outdoor applications as well as the distribution of composite decking and specialized hardware and oils. This includes Ipe wood color. We have everything needed for building or refinishing decks, docks, boardwalks, fences, cladding, and siding. We carry a variety of hardwoods in stock including ipe, cumaru, and massaranduba, and can fill special orders upon request. Call us today for a free quote and start your Ipe decking! We have the best Ipe wood decks Miami residents. 

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