Consider IPE Built in Bench Seats for Your Deck

ipe wood bench in Miami

Are you for new benches to flesh out your patio or deck? Maybe it came to you as an afterthought because you were busy building your deck. Hopefully, We hope you used Prime Wood Decking’s wood and accessories. If you haven’t used our products, then we can assure you that there is no better place to get them than our own. We offer nothing but the best. At Prime Wood Decking, we offer woods such as Cumaru, Ipe, Massaranduba, Piquia decking, Batu hardwood decking, Angelim, Santos Mahogany, and Jatoba hardwood. Our wood collection is extensive, and our knowledge of these woods is even more vast. But who are we, and how were we able to get this many great kinds of wood available for you? Prime Wood Decking has been a direct manufacturer and importer for the last forty years. Our family-owned business wants to provide high-quality wood to other families or businesses in Miami. As a specialist in beautiful tropical hardwoods, we have everything needed for refinishing or building benches, chairs, docks, and more. When you do business with us, you will understand our values. We value quality, social responsibility, convenience, and expertise. We also offer information on subjects concerning the various applications of our wood, such as an Ipe wood bench.


Tropical Woods Are Our Expertise

Other lumber companies don’t compare to our family-owned business. Before we chop down trees, we work closely with the Forest Stewardship Council. We understand that we wouldn’t have a business without Earth’s invaluable resources. We hold this responsibility for future generations because it’s essential. If you’re still wary about buying our wood, then take a look at the reviews yourself. You won’t be disappointed with our great products. Once you do business with us, ask that you leave a review yourself. Maybe you’ll be able to help someone find the high-quality wood they’re looking for. We’re experts in our field. Use our Ipe decking wood for benches as well.


An Ipe Wood Bench Is An Eyecatcher

Ipe decking wood is the new trending deck craze, and if you don’t use Ipe, people will surely notice. Our forests can be used for many things, namely benches. Using Ipe benches will do more than you think. This wood would have a finish, unlike anything you’ve seen unless it was Ipe. It has a natural shine and matte look to it that last long with proper care. This wood is also sturdy, and it’ll last longer than the money you’ll spend on it. Ipe benches go great with an urban style. The sheen from Ipe decking wood is sure to bring life to an urban environment. You can get creative with this wood and build benches with built-in storage.


Call or Visit Us For More Ideas

Those are the top reasons why you should choose Prime Wood Decking as your stop for Ipe wood, but we have much more information about wood decks. Our wood is excellent for making an Ipe wood bench or two. Come to none other than Prime Wood Decking. We’re experts, and our reviews say nonetheless. Call us at (866) 832-8344, visit our store in Miami or our contact page for more details.

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