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When it comes to hardwood flooring and decking, Prime Wood Decking in Miami is the one to go to. One of our top options with wood decking and flooring happens to be Santos Mahogany Hardwood. Santos Mahogany, also known as Cabreuva, is a recent addition to the palette that is available to woodworkers. Spanish explorers stumbled upon Santos Mahogany in the 16th century, and the tree is still primarily harvested for the distinctive gum that the tree produces. The wood was thought to contain medicinal properties by its original users, and today the resin of this tree is widely utilized throughout the food and cosmetic industry. Read on to learn more about Santos Mahogany Hardwood and the ways that we at Prime Wood Decking are able to work it in order to provide you with the best results with our Santos Mahogany flooring. Call Prime Wood Decking today for your IPE Decking needs!


Santos Mahogany Hardwood


The gum (also known as balsam) of the Santos Mahogany Hardwood consists of a spicy smelling resin, and can be found in cough syrups, soft drinks, and chewing gum for flavoring purposes. The gum of this hardwood will produce volatile oils that are found in perfumes and related cosmetics upon distillation, and the bark of the tree is scored deeply in order to harvest this gum. The harvest of the gum through this type of deep scoring is very harmful to the tree’s health, and can often end up causing disease and death in the trees that they are harvesting from. This is why very few trees of Santos Mahogany Hardwood are now available for lumber production. You are able to find Santos Mahogany organically in the area ranging from Mexico south to Argentina and Brazil. There are plantations of this type of tree that can be found in Africa and Southeast Asia. When planting this type of tree, much care needs to be taken as it is able to quickly become an invasive plant. This type of tree is able to reach heights of 115 feet. However, the tree generally stops growing around 60 feet, with a width of 18 to 36 inches on average. The Santos Mahogany is also able to produce large amounts of knot free lumber, and the heart wood resembles the South American Mahogany, although technically Santos Mahogany Hardwood is not really a member of the Mahogany family.


Santos Mahogany Flooring


The heart wood of Santos Mahogany is able to range from a yellowish brown to one with overtones that are purplish, and the colours will fade upon exposure to light. The colors of this type of tree is similar to genuine Mahogany, and the wood is hard and dense, with interlocked grain. An attractive ribbon stripe is produced when cut on the quarter, and the grain holds a fine texture while being tight. If you are looking for hardwood flooring with this type of wood, Prime Wood Decking is a top provider of hardwood projects such as IPE decking and more.


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