Ipe (pronounced ee-pay) also known as Brazilian walnut or Lapacho is one of the densest hardwoods available, with the same fire rating as concrete and steel. It is mildew and decay resistant, and is not deteriorated by insects, making it perfect for outdoor and seaside construction.


Cumaru (pronounced coo-mah-roo) also known as Brazilian Teak is five times harder than cedar or redwood. It is similar to Ipe in its high fire rating and durability, but it has a distinctive dark brown color with a reddish hue.


Piquia is also known as White Iron Wood as the name implies is a light colored hardwood that is resistant to climate and wear. It is a yellowish or light grayish brown wood with interlocked grain. Like other hardwoods, Piquia is used for exterior constructions. Indoor applications such as countertops and tables are also common.

Santos Mahogany

Santos Mahogany or Cabreuva is an exotic hardwood with a rich color and strong resilience which makes it a high performance hard wood that can withstand heavy foot traffic. It is perfect for high-end commercial and residential interiors.


Massaranduba is sometimes referred to as Bulletwood. It is a very durable heartwood with a reddish-brown coloring that darkens with age. Being a tropical hardwood, it is very rot resistant with a janka hardess indicator similar to that of ipe, but is generally easier to work with, though it does require frequent change of drill bits.


Jatoba (pronounced Ja-toe–bah) also known as Brazilian cherry is a luxurious and exotic wood characterized by its dramatic color. The tones of the wood range from dark orange to deep brown with a saffron tone. Traditionally used for interiors, it is an extremely hard wood, making it highly resistant to foot traffic.