What Type of IPE Decking Should I Get?

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IPE is one of the best natural wood decking materials on the market today. Prime Wood Decking has become a leading IPE lumber distributor. We maintain one of the largest Miami deck builders in the United States.

What Grade Do You Sell On IPE Decking?

We carry all high-quality premium IPE wood. This is the highest grade wood available that is hand-selected and basically free from defects. The low levels that we don’t carry are commercial wood and IPE grade utilities, all of which are exported to Asia and Europe.

What Size of Wood Deck IPE Lumber Sells for IPE Decking?

We carry 4 inches and 6 inches wide in 5/4 inches and 1-inch thickness as our standard decking thickness. The length we offer is from 7 to 20 feet. Even though we have available IPE wood with a width of 4 to 12 inches and a thickness of 1 to 8 inches is also available.

Can I Choose a Certain IPE Decking Length?

If we have stock, you are welcome to choose a certain length. But we may not have a certain length depending on the availability of our current stock.

Am I Saving Money Depending on the Length of IPE Decking That I Ordered?

Yes, because certain lengths are harder to come and their high demand is valued differently.

Do You Need to Use Hidden Fasteners or Top Screws?

Depends on the look you want. When installed, your option is a top screw that is flat; screw-top counters and sinks, and hidden fasteners. So it all depends on whether the appearance of the screw is a problem with your aesthetic plan for your patio or decking. That said, top locking is usually safer than hidden fasteners and hidden fasteners add around $ 1 per foot for the price of your project.

What Thickness Should I Order?

This choice depends on many different factors including what you want from your deck including the final appearance – do you like boards that are thicker or thinner? Also, the area and environment of residence have a big effect because depending on the amount of extreme temperature, you want a thicker board for snow loads. What do you use (pool, restaurant, sea dock, etc.)? Depending on the traffic load, building code, and desired usage, you will want different thicknesses. Will this decking be used for decks or porches? Depending on the last use, you might want a thicker board. What type of ventilation under the deck is available? The less ventilation below, the more space you want to place between the boards and the thicker the board you want to be to resist the flexibility of the moisture. Also, the amount of direct sunlight can affect the optimal thickness. So, really the best plan is to design your deck and then contact our Miami deck builders for advice on the best thickness for your needs.

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Will IPE Wood Turn Grey?

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IPE, or otherwise known as, Brazilian pecan, is a lovely and intriguing wood from South America. IPE wood structures are hard, solid, and normally impervious to spoil, scraped spot, climate, and creepy crawlies. It is twice as thick as most woods and up to multiple times harder. It is medium to darker brown in shading, similar to mahogany and it has the excellence of a fine inside wood. When building a deck, there are many things to consider. What color you should select? What  type of wood should you should choose? Like other wood, IPE wood can turn grey but it can be avoided by adding a protective seal ~ IPE deck oil. At Prime Wood Decking, we are here to provide all the information you need when it comes to deck ideas. When it comes to wood decks Miami residents trust us as the best option. We are IPE decking specialists.

The Best Wood Sealant: IPE Deck Oil.

The weathering process of wood is caused by a mix of chemical, mechanical and some biological changes, all of that occurs instantaneously and also affects each other. For example, when air moves over the surface of a wood deck, several things like dirt, pollens, pollutants causes replacement of the exposed colored cells of the wood. This also occurs because of the exposure to sun ultraviolet rays, and also the salt particles in the coastal areas. This is the reason why IPE wood turns grey in color.

Therefore, while working with a wood surface it’s vital to use a sealant to prevent the wood surface from all sorts of outside damage. Failing to do so results in wood damage and money wasted in its repair. Our experts ensure that IPE decking is protected with a good sealant like IPE oil.

Benefits of IPE Oil 

A sealant for IPE wood like IPE oil helps in providing a good coating to the wood, thereby offering a good cost advantage. If you are not sealing the wood, then you are exposing the expensive topcoat to outside environment, thereby wasting some of your money. So, consider a case where you can broaden the life of your IPE decking without the requirement of resurfacing. Simply by a coating of IPE oil. It offers 

  • Protection from UV rays.
  • A quick method that liven up the appearance of the IPE deck.
  • An effective approach to increase the life of your deck without enlisting someone to restore it.

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We have everything that you need for wood sealant. Yes, we are speaking about good quality IPE deck oil. Prime Wood Decking focuses on production and distribution of some of the tropical hardwoods utilized in outdoor applications in Miami. Call us today to know more in details.

Why Building Decks With IPE Wood Costs More (but is Worth It)

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It is no secret that some decking materials cost more than others and the IPE decking cost is on the higher end of the spectrum, but it is worth every penny! When you are building a deck, you want to make sure that you are using the best materials on the market that way you won’t find yourself needing to repair or replace anything in the next few years. That is why it is time to consider IPE wood Miami! Prime Wood Decking in Miami can help you understand why this wood is more expensive than others and why it is worth the extra cost. Keep reading to find out more!


How Much Does IPE Decking Cost?

When it comes to choosing a material for a deck, everyone has their own opinions about what will look the best and what material is worth the price. Over the years many people have been opposed to using IPE wood because of a number of different concerns about it. However, this material is one of the most exquisite that you can choose from. It’s time to learn why you should be considering IPE wood Miami for your next project!


One common objection to IPE wood is that it is extremely hard to cut. That is because this wood is a high-density tropical wood, which is why builders and construction workers use a carbide saw blade to cut through it. These blades give a clean and exact line when they are cutting, and it is also done quickly. The fact that this material is so hard should be considered a good thing, not a negative one because it ensures that the wood and your deck will last longer. Also, because of how hard IPE wood is it is scratch resistant, which is perfect for an outside deck that sees a lot of foot action. The wood is so hard and dense that water can barely seep through, which is another positive aspect of using this material since it’s always outside you want to be sure that it can withstand any conditions. Another concern that a lot of people have with IPE wood is that they think it needs to be pre-drilled before it can be installed, but this isn’t always true. Of course, pre-drilling is an installation option; it is not the only one. There are other methods for installing IPE wood that doesn’t involve pre-drilling. Thanks to advancements in technology IPE deck screws have been created and designed to self-drill as the deck boards are being installed. All natural materials, especially natural wood, change color over time and IPE hardwood is no different. These boards will naturally turn a gray color as the years go by. As the decking oxidizes, the wood will turn a silver-gray color, but there is no damage done to the integrity of the IPE wood. The boards will remain as tough and hard as they were the day they got installed. 


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What Are The Best Types of Wood Flooring For Dog Owners

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There are many benefits to having a dog- they give you plenty of smiles, help keep you healthy, and are always there for you in moments of need. However, there is one area where having a dog can cause many difficulties- your furniture, flooring, and decking. There are many ways in which your dog may cause damage to your decking and flooring, which is why it’s important to be informed about the best types of decking for your dog. There are certain things that you should keep in mind when thinking about the best types of wood flooring for dogs, as you want to have the beautiful floors that your home deserves while having plenty of fun with your canine best friend. Read on to learn more about the best types of flooring that work the best with having dogs, as merely trimming the nails of your dog is generally not enough. Prime Wood Decking is a top provider of wood decking and flooring in the Miami area. Call Prime Wood Decking today for wood decks Miami homeowners trust!


Hardwoods Are Best For Dogs


When it comes to wood flooring and your dog, there are certain considerations that need to go into the choosing process, as you will want to pick a flooring that is the best choice for your home and specific situation. Firstly, you will want to think about getting pre-finished wood floors. The reason for this is that pre-finished wood floors are floors that are stained and sealed in the factory with multiple layers of alligator skin-tough aluminum oxide-impregnated urethane finish, giving it plenty of protection against your dog’s scratching. Another consideration is to always choose hardwood when you are getting a new floor. Softwoods (for example pine or fir) are not great choices for houses who have dogs, as there isn’t any amount of site-applied surface preparation that can protect softwoods against the claws of your pooch. Lastly, it’s important to get solid rather than engineered wood flooring. Engineered wood flooring consists of a sandwich of laminated wood with a real hardwood veneer on top, and can be a great product- just not for your dog. The problem with engineered wood versus solid wood is that it can only take a small amount of light sandings, so if you sand scratch marks hard to get rid of them, it poses a risk of exposing the structural wood underneath.


Best Wood Floorings For Dogs


So what are the best wood floorings for dogs? Prime Wood Decking, who provides wood decks Miami homeowners trust, is here to tell you. The best choice when it comes to hardwood floors are pretty much always exotics. Brazilian hardwood flooring is universally hard and dense, and is a wood that is so hard that it is regularly used on exterior decks. This type of wood is great for homes with dogs, as it is hard enough to stand up to the scratch and wear of your dog’s claws on your floor.


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When it comes to the best wood flooring for dogs, there are certain things to keep in mind. Call Prime Wood Decking today for wood decks Miami homeowners love!