Should You Add a Roof Over Your Deck?

There are many aspects to look over when it comes to building your deck. What color should you choose? What type of wood should be used? It is a chance for your creativity to shine and gets you the chance to create something completely unique for your home. But what about a roof? Is it necessary? At Prime Wood Decking, we are here to provide all the information you need when it comes to deck roof ideas. When it comes to wood decks Miami residents trust us!


Is It Necessary?

A deck with a roof serves as the best possible outdoor living space. A roof provides shade and keeps your family dry during wet weather. It also can add to the aesthetic appeal of the space. The best time to build a roof over your deck is during the building of the deck itself. Discuss the following issues with your professional handyman during the deck roof design process.


Deck Roof Ideas – What Are The Types?

There are three types of roofs can typically be found over decks and porches: shed, gable, and hip.

  • A shed roof features a single, sloping surface that starts at the exterior house wall and ends at support posts. It works well for long and narrow decks, but not for deep decks because of the slope required.
  • A gable roof, the most common, forms a triangular shape, projects along a ridge down the center of the deck and overhangs the enclosed space. This significantly sloped deck roof allows for proper drainage of rain and snow, as opposed to a flat roof. A gable roof also blends in well with many types of architecture.
  • A hip roof slopes downward more gently and requires a more complicated support system, but it does prove more aesthetically pleasing with its solid, compact appearance.
  • Our experts can help you choose the best type of roof and slope for your home and for the weather found in your area of the country.


Get A Roof For Your Deck Today!

There are so many reasons that you should integrate a roof to your new deck. Consider this! If you decide to sell your home later, a deck roof not only adds to the appeal of the home, but it also can increase property value as it essentially adds to the square footage of living space.


Try Our Wood Decks Miami Residents

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Must-Have Wood Deck Cleaners

deck cleaner at Miami

In general, wood traps dirt, pollen, and grime. This is why when you are building with exotic hardwood lumber, it’s crucial to take care of it. Eliminating mildew, dirt, mold, and stubborn stains is the primary job of a good hardwood cleanser such as DeckWise Wood Cleaner Parts 1 and 2. The cleansers also help to get rid of graying in order to maintain the color of Ipe, Tigerwood, Cumaru, Redwood, and Cedar decking and outdoor wooden furniture as well as hardwood siding. With the DeckWise Wood Cleaners we at Prime Wood Decking offer and recommend, you will be able to remove the grey from your IPE wood decking and get the all-natural, lavish colors of hardwood back. Every container of DeckWise Wood Cleaner is able to clean up to 600 square feet of hardwood surface, and makes up to 5 gallons of cleaning solution. The concentrated powders of this deck cleaner is specifically formulated to target external hardwood decks, fences, hardwood siding, wood railings, benches, chairs, and other wooden furniture that is placed outside. For jobs that are tougher or dirtier, you may need to clean several times or require a more powerful blend. Read on to learn more about these must-have wood deck cleaners for your deck! Contact Prime Wood Decking in Miami for more information about your next decking project.


What The Cleaners Do


When scrubbing your deck with the DeckWise Wood Cleaner Part 1, you need to avoid using a power washing on the hardwood lumber, as it could leave scars and often raises the wood grain. Make sure to scrub with a non-metal brush, as wood cleansers often increase the pH level of lumber. After using DeckWise Wood Cleaner part 1, make sure to use part 2 in order to restore the pH level back to a natural state, as the Cleaner Part 1 consists of an oxygen-rich wood cleaner that holds no bleach. When observing the instructions on the Deck and Wood Cleaner label, the product is very safe to use and will not have an impact on your wood, vegetation or lawn, and is also biodegradable. Moreover, the screw-top container provides easy opening and resealing. The DeckWise Wood Cleaner Part 1 is suited to clean wood, exotic hardwoods, and thermally modified softwoods such as decks, fences, hardwood siding, wood railings, benches, chairs, and can be the right cleaner for your IPE Wood Decking!


Top Deck Cleaner For Your Hardwood


After using the Deck and Wood Cleaner Part 1 it is essential to keep in mind that it is a cleaning agent that gets rid of dust and dirt from the surface of the wood. Part 2 of the cleaner set gets rid of tough rust or tannin stains caused by leaves, as well as of mold and fungi stains, and brightens the hardwood for further finishing. This cleaner is the recommended cleaner for use on the majority of hardwood decking, including Redwood, Ipe, Cedar, Cumaru, Tigerwood, and thermally modified softwoods. The all-natural allure will be restored to your outdoor wood decking and more.


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The 2-part DeckWise Wood Cleaner set is the deck cleaner that you should be using on your IPE wood decking. For your hardwood decking needs, contact Prime Wood Decking in Miami today !

5 Deck Design Ideas To Get You Inspired

Wood deck designs at Miami

Have you been searching for wood deck designs to help give you some inspiration for your next project? The Miami deck builders at Prime Wood Decking have been helping the residents of Miami achieve the decks of their dreams. Before making any decisions, it is critical to make sure that you have a clear vision of what you’re looking for. That is why you should get some ideas before talking with your contractor. Keep reading for some inspiration!


Wood Deck Designs To Spark Your Creativity

Like any part of your home, your deck has its own style and design. That’s why you want to make sure that you take the time to really understand what you want from your deck and what the best way to achieve that vision is. When you’re talking with your design team and the Miami deck builders you want to have examples and a clear idea of what you’re looking for from your outdoor space. If you’re still not sure about what exactly you want just to look at some of the ideas below to get some creative inspiration.


The first and simplest deck style that many homeowners are opting to build is platform decks. These types of decks are usually built at single family homes that have a level lot. One benefit of these decks is that often times railings aren’t required since they are so low to the ground. This is why a lot of people choose to have these built in their homes because it saves on costs. However, it’s essential to make sure that if you decide to build this deck that you find other ways to highlight the perimeter, so no one gets hurt. Some options are flower beds or even bench seating.


Raised decks are another popular choice with homeowners that have above-grade first floors. These types of decks must include railings and stairs since they are further above the ground. Once this deck is finished, you will have exposed posts that will help support the deck from falling. However, it is easy to cover these posts with plants or even deck skirting. One type of skirting that is common is lattice panels.

If you have a multi-story home than a two-story deck may be exactly what you need. These decks not only give you access to your yard, but they also allow you to get to them from the top stories of your home, like your bedroom. Although the additional access is a bonus and a great feature to have in your room the posts that hold it up along with the bracing can create an undesirable aesthetic.


If you’re looking to add more than two levels to your deck than a multi-level deck may be exactly what you need. Either stairways or walkways connect these decks. If your house is built on a sloped lot than these decks are exactly what you need because the deck can follow the ups and downs of an uneven yard. Also, you can use smaller sets of stairs, so the lower decks don’t interfere with any views from the upper deck.  


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Prime Wood Decking in Miami is a leading provider of tropical hardwoods that are used for outdoor spaces. We specialize in helping our clients pick the right wood for their projects, and we pride ourselves on assisting our customers with their wood deck designs. Call or visit us today to find out how we can help you!