Great Decking For Beach Homes

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Beach house remodels have a life of their own- when it comes to wooden decks near the ocean, you often end up with dilapidated wood decks that are fairly young. This is due to the fact that a seaside location tends to come with special challenges that are not present in other types of locations, and the moist salt air can take a severe toll on your wooden decks. The majority of clients want a deck that doesn’t take a whole lot of maintenance and is able to stay looking great over time, not to mention the fact that beach house decks tend to need to accommodate big parties with barbecue grills. Decking for beach houses should also give the feeling of an extension of the living room, so that the life of the house is able to spill out into the beautiful evening climate. When you create this kind of deck- one that is able to handle big beach parties, ocean moisture, salt, and sand, and is also fairly low-maintenance, you will need a special kind of material. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of different types of decking materials when it comes to beach homes, so that you can build the right wooden deck for your beach home. Prime Wood Decking provides IPE Wood Miami loves and more. Call us today for your decking needs!


Choosing a Durable and Low Maintenance Material For The Ocean


It require a material blessed with some special characteristics in order to handle the moisture of the ocean climate. There are a couple of options that beachfront homeowners tend to favor. Firstly, there is cedar. Perhaps the most popular wood used on oceanside decking is cedar. Cedar does not break down as easily from moisture as the high oil content of cedar provides it with a natural resistance to the water, although cedar does have a harder time with UV rays, and can be prone to splintering. Yet, if regularly stained and sealed, a cedar deck is able to remain in fairly decent shape for up to a decade, depending on where the house is located. A kind of “extra strength” cedar is Redwood, as due to its chemical makeup, it is less likely to rot, and there is a slower fading of its color. Due to these qualities as well as its relative scarcity when compared to cedar, Redwood tends to be more expensive than cedar. One of the best natural decking materials is ipe, or ironwood. This Amazonian hardwood is able to endure lots  and lots of moisture, while remaining incredibly strong and dense. An ipe deck can feel like a concrete pad, and also holds a beautifully rich, deep reddish brown color. However, UV rays will cause a lot of fading in this type of wood, no matter how well it is sealed, and eventually will turn from red-brown to gray.


Qualities To Look For In Your Wooden Deck


There are certain qualities that you should look for when you’re looking for decking material. Hidden fasteners attach decking boards to the joists, creating a smooth surface free of nails, deck screws, or the holes that screw create. Prime Wood Decking, a top provider of IPE Wood Miami residents rave about, recommend utilizing decking with hidden fasteners. Moreover, for clients who don’t want the look that comes with naturally graying wood, we also caution that preventing serious fading and color change is pretty much an impossible thing to achieve when it comes to wood- the best thing you can do to prevent fading is to regularly seal and stain using the best possible products.


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